Southwark Stars Presents its New Branding Identity

We are finishing the year on a positive note with the launch of our new website and branding identity. The change came naturally, as we felt that our team deserved a dedicated space. Here we will be posting constant updates on our activity, personal stories from our path towards empowerment, openings for volunteers and opportunities to support our organisation.

The timing was perfect when we were approached by branding studio tutti, and the adoption of a new badge and unified communication came along with the process of building our webpage.

It started with a visit

Back in October, Alin, part of the two-man design gig, came over to participate in one of our Wednesday training sessions. We are glad to say that we left a lasting impression. We got him involved in the female practice session, helping with the drills and finally ending up as a goalkeeper in both women’s and men’s matches. We have to say that he conceived quite a few goals. Sorry Alin!

Nevertheless, he was impressed by our bond. Whilst coming to the conclusion that our players’ sense of togetherness and joy from participating, has to be communicated more outside the pitch and be presented as an example for the community. We couldn’t agree more, so we took their proposition on board. Alex, his agency partner, shared his enthusiasm after learning more about the team and they soon started off the work.

London Empowered

As a grassroots organisation, we realised that making football accessible is more than just a game. The agency’s goal was to replicate and enhance Southwark Star’s ethos while helping us grow through the strength and honesty of our voice. The main focus was to show how our team can represent an example of overcoming hardship and enjoying life together, for our community.

We are proud to be from London. As we are not strangers to how tough our city could be at times, we recognise its unique energy. Many people from around the UK and the world, enjoy the freedom and inclusivity London has to offer. We could only wish to contribute to raising awareness about the needs and value of those with learning disabilities, and remind Londoners why the city is so special.

Our New Badge

Truth be it, we really liked our old crest, yet soon after we were presented a new version we chose to move forward. The main reason was for better digital and physical usability. Fewer elements that are carefully linked with the area of Southwark, the environment we wish to provide for our players and how we would like them to feel.

Good-Print-Tricouri-Personalizate-White-LogoAsset 6

Used since ancient times as protection, the symbol is associated with toughness and confidence.

Good-Print-Tricouri-Personalizate-White-LogoAsset 7

Symbolizing the soul, the subconsciousness, emotion, the good parts of existence.

Good-Print-Tricouri-Personalizate-White-LogoAsset 8

Symbolizing humanity, life, hope, faith, guidance, excellence, motivation.

Through our new badge and identity, we wish to consolidate our mission of being perceived as a modern and professional football club. Of making this sport more inclusive and helping the community grow, by showing it the value people with learning disabilities have to offer.

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